Warehouse Supervisor

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To provide administrative support on warehouse logistics for Zaka district offices


Duties And Responsibilities
• Verifies receipts correspond to the description, specification, weight, quantity and packaging on the Purchase Order and/or waybill/delivery note and that the consignee and destination details are correct
• Inspects the condition of commodities being received (ie whether they are rotten, wet, infested, leaking, expired, damaged or poorly packaged) and advises the commodity counter on action to be taken to quarantine, reconstitute or set aside, as appropriate
• Allocates adequate space and correct storage conditions for commodities to permit easy access for physical counts and loading ensuring food and non food commodities are stored separately
• Oversees stacking is in accordance with best practice and takes timely corrective action when this is not being done or stacks are in danger of collapse
• Prepares commodities receiving report and the daily commodity receiving report
• Enters all receipts, dispatches, losses and adjustments in appropriate ledgers promptly , ensuring they are against the correct project name and fund code and goods descriptions and specifications
• Reconciles warehouse records with physical stock daily, reporting any discrepancy
• Safely keeps and updates the warehouse records and files( such as waybill books, ledger books
• Generates a dispatch plan based on the distribution requirements
• Coordinates transporter drivers and monitors they comply food handling standards (such as cleanliness of vehicles, not mixing food & non food items) and queuing arrangements
• Prepares loaders’ schedule confirming the services done for payments
• Maintains warehouse equipment and tools such as pallets, tarpaulins, scales, ladders, stitching machines

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