Preventative measures manager

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Preventative measures manager :

  • Part Time

Job Summary

SHAZ is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life of persons with Spina Bifida and/ or Hydrocephalus by improving access to comprehensive health care, information, social integration and preventative measures. Spina bifida is a condition which some babies are born with, where they have a defect in their back usually a lump/swelling and have varying degrees of weakness in their legs ranging from total paralysis to mild weakness. They usually also have problems controlling their bladder and bowels. Hydrocephalus is a condition that affects flow and/absorption of brain fluid in the head. The affected usually have enlarged heads and varying levels of neurological dysfunction. Both these conditions need surgery amongst other things. Spina bifida and hydrocephalus constitute about 60% of children needing specialist neurosurgical care. In Zimbabwe there was no functional association assisting these marginalized children needing high end specialist care and expensive medical supplies. A huge number die every year for lack of surgery and the majority have lifelong poor quality of life for lake of timely comprehensive treatment. However, with timely comprehensive care the majority can live enriched and fulfilling lives.

Duties and Responsibilities

Major responsibilities:
-Facilitate community awareness campaigns on preventative measures.
-Prepare and implement preventative measures project plans and strategies and their effectiveness.
-Facilitate dialogues on preventative measures.
-Conduct education and outreaches on preventative measures.
-Conduct high-level advocacy at policy level.
-Facilitate preventative measures availability, fundraising and outsourcing.
-Spearhead in recruiting of preventative measures staff.
-Attend meetings and preventative measures activities report writing.

Qualifications and Experience

-Degree in public health or development studies or related fields.
-Previous experience in advocacy initiatives an added advantage.
-Skills- team work, advocacy, initiative, problem solving, flexibility/ adaptability, strong work ethic, communication (written and verbal), networking, facilitation and people management.

How to Apply

Benefits of Volunteering:
-The posts shall be on a part-time and voluntary basis without remuneration. The duration of the contract shall be 1 to 2 years, or any period agreed upon and subject to renewal upon good performance.

What You Get:
-Participate in bringing change to issues that matter.
-Letter of recommendation from the director.
-Build your leadership skills.
-Network with senior experts from different sectors.
-Certificate of appreciation upon completion of the contract .
-Receive recognition from SHAZ board of directors and trustees.

-The posts shall be on a part-time and voluntary basis without remuneration.
-To apply send your motivational letter and CV to [email protected] by 10 September 2021
-Also fill our online volunteer form on our website

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About Spina bifida & Hydrocephalus Association of Zimbabwe

Our Mission is to enrich the quality of lives of persons living with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus. We believe that all humans are equal and all deserve to live happy and fulfilling lives.

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